ARK: Survival Evolved Unofficial PvPvE Server
Salamandastron wishes to thank the community for it's support!
We couldn't be here without you all.

Want to help out?
Firstly, we have our Paypal if you wish to directly donate to help with the server bills (top notch hardware ain't cheap!):

Now, much more exciting, our Patreon!


$195 per month
$195/mo is the costs to run the server cluster.

$205 per month
Pays for the server hadware as well as the website, and website security.

$245 per month
Pays for the server, website, and advertising to bring in more players.

$300 per month
We're really pushing hard to try to make custom art and graphics for Salamandastron-Gaming. Help us make that a reality!

$395 per month
500GB cloud storage backup!

$500 per month
Professional modder upkeep and management.

$700 per month
Professional server, website, advertising and Discord management. Everything goes towards Salamandastron's continual improvement!


While Salamandastron will never be pay to win, our amazing Developer Aelsius has created some fun toys that you can earn by supporting us and our community goals!

$5 or more per month
∙ 4 patrons
Discord Title and Exclusive chat channel for all levels of donations! plus 2 Aspect of the Rex and Vampire Aspect potions


$10 or more per month
∙ 4 patrons
Admin recolor of any Tame, 1 Soulstone, and 5 Aspect of the Rex, Aspect of the Yuty, and Vampire Aspect Potions

$25 or more per month
∙ 2 patrons
Admin recolor, 1 Soulstone, 1 SmoodMother, 10 of each: Aspect of the Rex, Aspect of the Yuty, Aspect of the Golem and Vampire Aspect Potions

$50 or more per month
∙ 1 patron
Admin recolor, 2 Soulstones, 1 Smoodmother, 1 Dino Cloning, and 15 of: Aspect of the Rex, Aspect of the Yuty, Aspect of the Golem, Aspect of the Arthro and and Vampire Aspect Potions

$100 or more per month
∙ 0 patrons
Admin recolor, 1 Dino Clone, 2 Smoodmothers, 3 Soulstones, 1 Phoenix Trade in, and 30 of: Aspect of the Rex, Aspect of the Yuty, Aspect of the Golem, Aspect of the Arthro, and Aspect of the Phoenix and Vampire Aspect Potions

Patreon Items


Aspect of the Rex - Roar and send everyone pooping!

Aspect of the Vampire - Gain night vision for 15 minutes, automatically turns off during daylight

Aspect of the Golem - Increased resistance to sharp things, hard things, and pointy things.

Aspect of the Yuty - Roar and send your enemies fleeing!

Aspect of the Artho - Your fisticuffs become covered in the spit of an Artho! Punch your way through that wall!

Aspect of the Phoenix - Embrace the inner fire and let it out and burn those around you!


Soulstone - Revive a single dinosaur that has consumed this item, dino will be waiting for you in an Obelisk/Transmitter (cannot be uploaded though!)

Smoodmother - Feed the Smoodmother Prime Jerky and it'll automatically claim baby dinos within its range (ini configurable for limit of dinos before turning off)

Dino Cloning - Consume an item and you get a baby clone! (basically the same as the Cloning Chamber)