ARK: Survival Evolved Unofficial PvPvE Server

Salamandastron wishes to thank the community for it's support!
We couldn't be here without you all.

Want to help out?
Firstly, we have our Paypal if you wish to directly donate to help with the server bills (top notch hardware ain't cheap!):
We cou
We cou
Now, much more exciting,our Patreon!

$195 per month
$195/mo is the costs to run the server cluster.

$205 per month
Pays for the server hadware as well as the website, and website security.

$245 per month
Pays for the server, website, and advertising to bring in more players.

$300 per month
We're really pushing hard to try to make custom art and graphics for Salamandastron-Gaming. Help us make that a reality!

$395 per month
500GB cloud storage backup!

$500 per month
Professional modder upkeep and management.

$700 per month
Professional server, website, advertising and Discord management. Everything goes towards Salamandastron's continual improvement!