ARK: Survival Evolved Unofficial PvPvE Server
A page full of rules can seem like a lot to take in at first. 
We understand. 
All we are striving for is balance and fun for all.
Be honorable, be respectful.
PvP doesn't have to be cruel to be fun.
1. No harassment, griefing, abuse, racism, bigotry, anti-semitism, sexism, bullying, etc.. i.e. be respectful of other players. Toxicity will not be tolerated. No trolling, spamming, or poaching players, either in-game or in Discord. We're a mature community here, but please don't post pornographic material in public discord channels... The internet is literally full of porn. I'm sure there's better forums to share it if you so desire. There is a TVMA channel for 18+ mature and lewd stuff. Trying to actively destroy the server population or accessibility can cause level of punishment to be increased with no warning.

2. No exploiting or cheating. If you're questioning if something you're doing is a cheat or exploit, it probably is. Ask a member of Council, a moderator, or admin for clarifications, or simply ask the community in the #help channel. If you suspect someone of violating a rule, contact your Council representative or one you trust with proof. If they feel that a rule was indeed violated, they will bring it forward to the rest of the Council and Staff for appropriate punishment. If you do not feel comfortable sending it to a Council member or do not know which one to send it to, you may send it directly to Staff. Please do not post on the discord.

3. Foundation wiping won't be against the rules to avoid permanent base locations for tribes. DO NOT completely wipe out a tribe's Capital (see rule 4) the first time you raid them (retaliation to being raided is still considered an 'initial raid), and ONLY destroy what you need to for loot acquisition. An introductory base defense guide can be found here: It's strongly recommended to leave your crafting stations unlocked and to keep your items in vaults, so you can build back up more quickly. There is an ORPE Terminal from the Offline Raid Protection Evolved mod that makes your base have 5x more health if your whole tribe is offline, and it is also strongly recommended that you take advantage of this. Don't detain players for more than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, they must be released or killed.

4. Amnesty is granted to a raided tribe to rebuild and re-establish themselves (you can refuse/choose not to receive amnesty) if their capital has been raided. A capital constitutes as their main base and should be clearly marked by either a beacon every 20 foundations or through green-dyed lights every 5 foundations (no eco deco lights permitted) surrounding the perimeter and is limited to 1 Capital per map per tribe. A capital is considered all structures within render range of the beacon or all structures surrounded by the perimeter of lights. During amnesty, no one can raid your capital and you will lose amnesty if you participate in any raids, be it defending or attacking. World PvP is always allowed, just adhere to Rule #1. An initial raid on your Capital is for loot and essentially a declaration of war against you. If your Capital has been attacked (whether or not they were successful in a full raid) you can request amnesty. Raiders can also ask for amnesty for you so they may attempt a foundation wipe after the amnesty ends. The defending tribe has 24 hours to deny the amnesty and if they do not challenge it, amnesty will be given. If a tribe has been foundation wiped after their 3 day amnesty, a 7 day amnesty is granted for a more thorough rebuild. Raiding amnesty can only be called on once in a 10 day period. Amnesty can also be granted if you are going to be out of town or away from your PC at admin discretion. Direct message a staff member or ping @Moderator or @Administrator in the #pvpchat or general channel to get their attention to have a tribe listed in the #amnesty channel. Amnesty only covers your capital.

4.a) platforms are not considered foundations unless it is in a Capital. If you choose to build on one in your capital, it may be subject to splash damage.

4.b) Excessive damage upon first raid on a Capital is not allowed. Excessive damage is more than 50% of the pre-existing structure destroyed to acquire "loot".

4.c) Amnesty is only granted 1 hour, 30 minutes after a raid has ended. A raid is considered ended when there is no more destruction directly related to acquisition of 'loot'

4.d)Amnesty is not automatic. It must be called for by the defenders or the raiders (only if they plan on doing a foundation wipe for the location and if the defenders accept it). Amnesty timer will start when the raid has ended plus minimum of 1 hour, not when officially called upon.

4.e) Upon a foundation wipe for the location, there will be a 24 hour grace period in which staff will provide an unlocked transmitter for dino relocation for the defender. During this time, staff will also check for any undermesh placement and do a "final cleanup". The 24 hours can be extended if both parties agree or if there are other circumstances (requires approval from Staff). During this grace period, neither party is permitted to place any structures in the area of question.

4.f) To prevent random relocation of Capitals during war time, all Capital coords must be registered with Staff here .

5. Raiding of new players and offline raiding is highly discouraged. You will quickly become a target and can expect retribution from the community or from them and their allied players. Alliances are limited to 1 alliance per tribe, and 4 tribes per alliance. 1 more can be added for anything temporary. This is to keep the server's PvP community balanced and fair. Alliances and tribes must be the same between maps and must have the same name. Abusing alliances or betraying your own tribe will not be tolerated. That's obscenely low behavior and not in the spirit of competitive OR cooperative gaming. Do not change tribe name or use nonspecific/hard to identify player names to get away from PvP repercussions. Limit 2 tribe name changes per tribe. Using more than one steam account for the same purposes follows under this rule.

5.a) Number of raids an alliance is permitted to be directly involved in is 1 Capital or 2 Outposts in a 24 hour span. FoBs do not count towards this limit. If you break through a barrier to discover an outpost, you may continue the raid as a Capital Raid or you may stop and it won't be counted towards your daily limit.

5.b) New tribes/players can request a 3 day amnesty period to help get their Capital setup

6. Do not kill passive dinos, protected by the mod or otherwise. Keep them safely away from perceived combat zones to avoid splash/collateral damage. For example: If your passive unprotected dino is next to a vault the raiders blew up it would not be their fault. A dino in active use by the aggressor in a raid is fair game. Do not use passive dinos as structure shields (example: blocking all your walls with invincible passive dinos) or to store items. If the latter is suspected, a raider may knock out a dino to check its inventory. Please report this infraction.

7. No pillar or foundation spamming, except if you want to within your base boundary (note: they will decay faster if they aren't clipped to another structure and must not be more than 10 foundation lengths from your outpost/capital). No auto turrets on dino platform saddles except for on rafts and on Titanosaurs. Limit one Titanosaur per tribe, per map, please. Don't box off your platform dinos, though it's fine for the player to be enclosed completely. No outside dinos on Aberration. Maximum foundation stacks of 3 (thus layered walls, ceilings, etc). No building or clipping structures through the world mesh or under terrain. The use of glass foundations is permitted but they must be visible. This is clearly an exploit of a mod and the map.

8. No building in any ruins/broken structures on any map. No blocking large resource spawns with buildings or defenses. No building in a way that blocks access to artifacts/artifact caves, explorer notes or obelisks. Loot the entire inventory of artifact containers. We've put trophies in them to make grinding them not as obnoxious, but if you don't take them out the artifact won't respawn. Don't raid/destroy admin spawned event buildings. They are there obviously for community fun and entertainment. If there is a structure that a tribe made for “role-play” purposes, please try to avoid doing unnecessary damage.

Rule Details
About PvPvE
At Salamandastron, our community is in general very friendly. However, we consider ourselves a PvP server because our definition of PvPvE is a server whose focus is equal between PvP and PvE. This means world PvP is always allowed, and raiding is allowed, as long as all of our rules are followed. The rules are very heavy in the favor of the defender, but are made with fun attacking as well. Take advantage of our Base Defense Guide on the Help page.

About dino structure shields:
A dino structure shield is a passive dino that is placed strategically to attempt to body block an entire structures from raiders with their invincible dinos, without leaving them a path of entrance. This is exploiting the "no passive dino killing" rule. If these dinos are killed in a raid in this way, no rules are broken by the raider, only by the defender.  It is not possible for a raider to use the defender's passive dinos as meat shields while raiding. Turrets will not damage their own dinos.

Passive dino inventory:
Keeping your loot inside of a passive dino is against the rules. This is exploiting the 4th rule, "no passive dino killing." The idea of the rule about not killing passives is to help you rebuild and install defenses if you are raided. Example.

Tribe/name changes:
Frequently changing tribe name or using nonspecific/hard to identify player names to get away from PvP repurcussions is considered against the rules. It's scummy behavior and not in the spirit of PvP. Using more than one steam account for the same purposes follows under this rule. 

About blocking access:
Blocking access can mean physically, via a structure or dino, or with ranged automatic projectiles, such as Auto Turrets or Plant X Turrets. If your turrets are hitting people either flying or walking (especially if it's the only land access) trying to get to Artifacts or Obelisks, then you will need to lower their range or move them further away.

At Salamandastron, we  highly value the alliances between tribes, as it allows for an ebb and flow of power, creates intricate politics and allows people to play with others they might not have had a chance to otherwise. With this being said, we really mean it when we say abusing this is not in the spirit of competetive OR cooperative gaming. If you want to break an alliance, give 3 days notice as a declaration of war. Players caught using their alliance to bypass turrets or avoid aggressive dinos will be 2 day banned with no warning. 
General rule violations:
1. Warning
2. 2 day ban
3. 7 day ban
4. Permanent ban

Building violations:
1. Warning. 72 hours to move base.
2. Base destroyed. 

Loot mule violation:
1. Dino and Inventory destroyed.

Enforcement is subject to admin discretion. Some offenses are worse than others and won't slide with a warning. 

Please report infractions or questions/clarifications either via Direct message, or ping @Administrator or @Moderator to get the attention of a staff member as quickly as possible. Remember to screenshot, or any disagreements become hesaid/shesaid. You can also run a recording/streaming program for this! Our staff uses and recommends Hideout ( ), which will screen capture up to a specified storage limit (such as up to 10Gb, it will automatically delete old, unsaved files) and has a hotkey button to bookmark and easily create clips.
Admin command logging is enabled. Anything and everything an admin does in-game is shown in giant bold yellow letters in game chat. This cannot and will not change. If you have any questions about why an admin is doing something, please feel free to ask in general chat or via the Help channel or a private message on Discord. There is no 'admin tribe' where everyone has privileges, nor do any members of the tribes that these players belong to get any special treatment. Please remember this when interacting with members who are regular players.  Only the players listed here are part of our Administration team. 

Each alliance may elect a member to be their leader and be admitted to our council! This is to give the opportunity for players to give feedback about the server, suggest changes, voice concerns, etc.. Council members are also invited to ​​help plan events. They have no access to in-game admin commands, server restarts or .ini file changes, but usually have answers to player questions. So whether you're in a solo tribe or big alliance, please choose a council member and let one of us know (include tribe(s) you represent) so you can be added!

Our moderators are regular players who strive to help answer player questions, plan events, and quickly contact Administrators and Developers for player in-game help needed. Mods have no access to in-game admin commands, server restarts or .ini file changes. 

Current mods:
Madam Moist
Mad Max

Coordinators handle sponsorships, marketing, PR, media and events. Coordinators have moderator powers (see above), access too the server for reboots, and are granted access to admin spawn commands for events. 

Current coodinator:

Developers are players who are crucial to setting up server and custom mod function and upkeep. They have full access to the server, but not .ini files, for restarts and updates as needed. Developers have access to admin spawn commands only with direct permission from Administrators. 

Current developers:

Our administrators have full access to the server itself, .ini files, and admin commands. Again, admin commands are logged and shown in-game. We are friendly and always willing to help. Please feel free to contact us for any problems, questions, complaints, compliments, etc. .

Current admins:


The best way to get staff attention is through Discord, with @moderator and @administrator, private messages, or if you see one of us in game.